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Trophy Tank Defence 02:48

Trophy Tank Defence

by bizhat
1223 views, 5814 days ago

This incredible technology is an anti-RPG defense system.It creates a force field around the tank. .

Incoming Missles At Military Base 02:45

Incoming Missles At Military Base

by bizhat
1131 views, 5813 days ago

Don't want to be there!

Tank Crush 00:11

Tank Crush

by bizhat
1458 views, 5813 days ago

Tank crushes a pink vehicule

Military video: Torpedo hits a Destroyer 00:47

Military video: Torpedo hits a Destroyer

by bizhat
1744 views, 5794 days ago

Here's a clip from a military documentary on an American Destroyer getting hit by a torpedo. Awesome real explosion.

Snow covered roads always cause some crazy accidents 01:03

Snow covered roads always cause some crazy accidents

by bizhat
1499 views, 5787 days ago

Cop cameras always catch the coolest accidents and this camera even catches the cop getting nailed.

Mexican Police beat civilian 00:44

Mexican Police beat civilian

by bizhat
1642 views, 5786 days ago

I always knew they were crazy but shit! This makes me never want to do anything wrong EVER in Mexico.

Soldiers have to stay entertain some how 00:19

Soldiers have to stay entertain some how

by bizhat
1199 views, 5785 days ago

And whats better than blowing stuff up?

test 03:36


by arcvox
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arroz 04:06


by diegoizidro
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test 02:31


by sawyer8x
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peace 02:52


by cheers
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Prueba de usuario 00:03

Prueba de usuario

by webquintana
1225 views, 5583 days ago

Esta es una prueba de usuario

St Angelo fort 00:38

St Angelo fort

by bizhat1
13575 views, 5370 days ago

Portuguese fort 3 km from Kannur

asdasd 11:00


by djrocx
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wtf yguyg uygyu i 00:57

wtf yguyg uygyu i

by kristaps
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montage 00:45


by dylanpl
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testing 01:00


by cddesi
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test for video upload

testtesttesttest 00:07


by demouser
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My First Video Post 00:15

My First Video Post

by bolbols
1105 views, 4144 days ago

http://www.toyoureljanna.com My First Video Post

Testing upload 00:30

Testing upload

by suneesh123
1037 views, 2883 days ago

Upload tester