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People caught dancing at a game 00:15

People caught dancing at a game

by bizhat
1603 views, 5795 days ago

They knew everyone was watching them but i don't think they knew they dance terribly.

Brazilian cop beats down a woman 00:41

Brazilian cop beats down a woman

by bizhat
1387 views, 5795 days ago

Wow this guy is an asshole. Someone needs to beat his ass.

Cop strikes old lady 00:43

Cop strikes old lady

by bizhat
2018 views, 5802 days ago

I know how old folks can get sometimes but come on now... this is ridiculous. "Can't we all just get along"

Girl KO 00:16

Girl KO

by bizhat
1023 views, 5820 days ago

You know when you run into someone when you walk around a corner..

Tank Crush 00:11

Tank Crush

by bizhat
1461 views, 5821 days ago

Tank crushes a pink vehicule

Guy Slaps His Sleeping Friend 00:15

Guy Slaps His Sleeping Friend

by bizhat
1198 views, 5821 days ago

Slap down!!

Prime Minister Nose Pick 00:28

Prime Minister Nose Pick

by bizhat
859 views, 5821 days ago

Snot, It's What's For Breakfast

American Idol Mandisa Racist Exit 00:25

American Idol Mandisa Racist Exit

by bizhat
1227 views, 5821 days ago

American Idol Mandisa Racist Exit

Trophy Tank Defence 02:48

Trophy Tank Defence

by bizhat
1225 views, 5821 days ago

This incredible technology is an anti-RPG defense system.It creates a force field around the tank. .

Boxing Knock Out In Iraq 00:49

Boxing Knock Out In Iraq

by bizhat
1506 views, 5821 days ago

The way he hit the ground would have knocked him out for even longer.

White House HipHop 00:41

White House HipHop

by bizhat
1030 views, 5822 days ago

I love the part when Condoleezza Rice Jumps in.

kazakhstan responds to Borat 02:18

kazakhstan responds to Borat

by bizhat
1131 views, 5822 days ago

kazakhstan responds to Borat

George Bush Little Richard 00:59

George Bush Little Richard

by bizhat
2513 views, 5822 days ago

The daily show does a great spoof on a Geico commercial with George W and Little Richard.

Matt Damon Spazzes 02:46

Matt Damon Spazzes

by bizhat
1315 views, 5822 days ago

Matt Damon Spazzes out on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cop Attacked During Routine Stop 00:39

Cop Attacked During Routine Stop

by bizhat
1247 views, 5822 days ago

This cop pulls over a car during a routine stop. As he walks up to the car the passenger gets out and attacks him.

Funny ATM Prank 02:04

Funny ATM Prank

by bizhat
1239 views, 5822 days ago

Someone's left a 20 note in the ATM, quick grab it!

Borat Interview On CNN 03:27

Borat Interview On CNN

by bizhat
1783 views, 5823 days ago

The reporter can hardly keep herself together.

Bike Crashes 01:06

Bike Crashes

by bizhat
1751 views, 5823 days ago

Plenty of good falls and face plants. Keep it up guys!

 LAPD Use Excessive Force 00:19

LAPD Use Excessive Force

by bizhat
1707 views, 5823 days ago

Apparently the police man was punching the suspect in self defense (must protect the Donuts!). There's not an awful lot you can do with a knee in the neck so how they class this as self defense I d...

Mr. Swearing 00:54

Mr. Swearing

by bizhat
1230 views, 5824 days ago

Someone has had a bad day

Terrorist Bloopers 03:03

Terrorist Bloopers

by bizhat
1207 views, 5824 days ago

Call 1-800-HA-JIHAD Now!