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Bill Clinton Freaks Out 00:49

Bill Clinton Freaks Out

by bizhat
3249 views, 5843 days ago

Bill Clinton goes ballistic in response to conservatives who have claimed he didn\'t do enough to find Osama bin Laden.

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! 01:04

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip !

by bizhat
3475 views, 5838 days ago

Woman Tazered !! Ouch !! Insane Clip ! Honey, that must have hurt !!

AW07400 12:30


by papakiki777
997 views, 3785 days ago


Bush and Blind Reporter 00:24

Bush and Blind Reporter

by bizhat
2851 views, 5877 days ago

President Bush teases a reporter about his shades, unaware that he is nearly blind and requires them.

Jerry Springer payed for sex 00:56

Jerry Springer payed for sex

by bizhat
3086 views, 5868 days ago

In this campaign ad from 1980, gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Springer admitted to sleeping with a hooker and paying her by check. This actually would have made me more likely to vote for him.

Bush Gets Assassinated 01:20

Bush Gets Assassinated

by bizhat
3141 views, 5855 days ago

The film Death of a President has come under fire for depicting a scene where President George W. Bush is assassinated. This is the controversial footage.

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style 01:07

Iraq Hunting - Apache Style

by bizhat
2833 views, 5841 days ago

Apache Helecoptor wipes out Iraqi Roadside Bomb Setters.

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \ 01:03

Hypocrite Foley on AMW: \

by bizhat
2279 views, 5840 days ago

This is at the end: Representative Foley: \

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!! 00:20

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

by bizhat
2601 views, 5838 days ago

Nuclear Explosion ! ATTENTION EXTREME !!!

Police Arrest 5-year-old 00:30

Police Arrest 5-year-old

by bizhat
3543 views, 5836 days ago

When a kindergartner started acting up, the police were called to take action. Now some lawyer is threatening to sue. SHARE THIS VIDEO AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Clinton Dance 00:24

Bill Clinton Dance

by marie151071
1514 views, 5406 days ago

Bill Clinton Dance

The David Zucker Albright Ad 01:32

The David Zucker Albright Ad

by bizhat
2018 views, 5832 days ago

The David Zucker Albright Ad

New Zealand Free Stuff 00:09

New Zealand Free Stuff

by Tacman1123
1408 views, 5616 days ago

Lecture in New Zealand on give-aways.

test 00:07


by HackMaster
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China 01:46


by mismo
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Jesus Mother of Jesus 01:08

Jesus Mother of Jesus

by Crykoda
1144 views, 5415 days ago

Jesus Mother of Jesus

test external 00:22

test external

by darkonen
1099 views, 5322 days ago

test external

Prueba 02:41


by portes
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Ron Paul 06:25

Ron Paul

by testingit
1098 views, 5263 days ago

Ron Paul

The White House Rap Video 00:40

The White House Rap Video

by bizhat
1241 views, 5252 days ago

The White House has tried a different approach to reach young people.

How To Lose an Election 00:26

How To Lose an Election

by bizhat
1167 views, 5252 days ago

Tramm Hudson will probably not be the senator for Florida?