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 Dry Ice Experiment 01:03

Dry Ice Experiment

by bizhat
1112 views, 5612 days ago

I dont know know why but I am always amazed by dry ice for some reason.

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson 02:25

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson

by bizhat
1950 views, 5612 days ago

Borat sings a love song made for Pamela Anderson on Conan Obrien

Little Kid Wipeout 00:29

Little Kid Wipeout

by bizhat
1069 views, 5612 days ago

Woops, watch where your going dummy !

Kid Smashes His Dads Brand New Car 01:13

Kid Smashes His Dads Brand New Car

by bizhat
1031 views, 5612 days ago

Some kids dad just got a brand new 2007 Mustang Eleanor and the 14 year old son couldnot resist taking it for a spin straight through the garage wall.

Guy Does Amazing Impressions Of Rap Stars 02:14

Guy Does Amazing Impressions Of Rap Stars

by bizhat
1802 views, 5612 days ago

If you close your eyes you can barely, if at all, tell the difference.

 Bad Pool Jump 00:24

Bad Pool Jump

by bizhat
1534 views, 5612 days ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you meant to jump into the middle of the pool?

 Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican 01:54

Ghost Caught On Camera At The Vatican

by bizhat
1999 views, 5612 days ago

Pretty convincing footage but decide for yourselves.

 Lightning Strikes Neighbors House 00:26

Lightning Strikes Neighbors House

by bizhat
1497 views, 5611 days ago

Some dude is filming a lightning storm outside his bedroom window when a bolt strikes down about 50 feet from him hitting his neighbors house.

Reporter Attempts An Ollie 00:43

Reporter Attempts An Ollie

by bizhat
1451 views, 5611 days ago

Of course she lands flat on her face while on the air.

Power Drill Down The Throat 01:11

Power Drill Down The Throat

by bizhat
1312 views, 5611 days ago

This dude sticks a 60cm power tool down his throat.

Compilation of Accidents 02:04

Compilation of Accidents

by bizhat
1241 views, 5611 days ago

This is a cool compilation of about two dozen accidents and crashes.

Two Planes Collide 00:28

Two Planes Collide

by bizhat
1412 views, 5611 days ago

Two planes are practicing a stunt for an air show. The second plane ends up clipping the first causing it too lose its tail and crash into the ocean.

Kristina Kireeva Contortionist 03:20

Kristina Kireeva Contortionist

by bizhat
1337 views, 5611 days ago

Kristina Kireeva is slightly flexible.

Every 30 Seconds 05:08

Every 30 Seconds

by bizhat
1381 views, 5611 days ago

According to the National Association of Transportation and driving statisticsevery 30 seconds a drunk driver causes an accident.This is a video of one guy taking all the hits for us.

Best Laptop Ever 00:41

Best Laptop Ever

by bizhat
1795 views, 5610 days ago

The technology they've packed into this amazing laptop is mind blowing.

Bike Fall 00:20

Bike Fall

by bizhat
1623 views, 5610 days ago

Girl gets nailed and falls off her bike

Coming In too hot! 00:21

Coming In too hot!

by bizhat
1166 views, 5609 days ago

Busted both his legs!

Cell Phone footage of the Virgina Tech shooting 01:15

Cell Phone footage of the Virgina Tech shooting

by bizhat
1314 views, 5584 days ago

This was a terrible tragedy, my prayers go out to all the families and students effected by this.

test 03:36


by arcvox
1213 views, 5499 days ago


sexy asian robot 00:24

sexy asian robot

by sibichan
1902 views, 5470 days ago

sexy asian robot



by sibichan
1640 views, 5461 days ago