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Napster Girl 01:08

Napster Girl

by bizhat
4463 views, 6529 days ago

Napster presents a new twist on the good ol\' fashioned striptease.

Darth Vader being a jack ass 00:44

Darth Vader being a jack ass

by bizhat
3393 views, 6529 days ago

A funny clip where Darth Vader acts like a real jack ass! Funny Star Wars spoof :)

Air Show 03:06

Air Show

by bizhat
2789 views, 6530 days ago

Russian Sukoi Air Show

Male Intuition Prank 03:52

Male Intuition Prank

by bizhat
3637 views, 6532 days ago

Guys are setup in a fake test group and the roles of the women in their lives comes into question.

Mattress Commercial Mishap 00:37

Mattress Commercial Mishap

by bizhat
4302 views, 6532 days ago

A guy filming a cable TV commercial for his mattress shop misjudges a jump and falls hard.

Doctor Slide Tackle 00:05

Doctor Slide Tackle

by bizhat
3832 views, 6532 days ago

A soccer team\'s physician/trainer runs out to assist an injured player and adds to the pain.

Hotels.com Ad Placement owned lol 00:20

Hotels.com Ad Placement owned lol

by bizhat
4980 views, 6532 days ago

A commercial for Hotels.com runs seconds before a negative news story about the company\'s practices.

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
3773 views, 6533 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

Free Breast Exams 00:20

Free Breast Exams

by bizhat
3757 views, 6539 days ago

Some creepy old guy actually convinced people he was a doctor going around giving free breast exams.

Titanic Two The Surface 04:29

Titanic Two The Surface

by bizhat
3458 views, 6539 days ago

Funny mash-up video using clips from various movies to make a trailer for a Titanic sequel.

Angry Hotel Maid 00:25

Angry Hotel Maid

by bizhat
4185 views, 6539 days ago

If you don\'t normally tip the maid when staying at hotels, this commercial might change your mind.

Blind Not Gay 00:14

Blind Not Gay

by bizhat
2986 views, 6539 days ago

Funny clip from a nightly newscast in which the anchor woman makes a strange word substitution.

Bikini Spy 00:26

Bikini Spy

by bizhat
3963 views, 6539 days ago

A man devises a great scheme for spying on his beautiful neighbor as she relaxes in her bikini.

A True Workaholic 00:33

A True Workaholic

by bizhat
2111 views, 6539 days ago

When your significant other does this, they\'re definitely spending too much time on the computer.

Stupid Team Assistant 00:11

Stupid Team Assistant

by bizhat
2455 views, 6539 days ago

A soccer player is injured and one of the team assistants is too stupid to carry his stretcher.

Bridge Belly Flop 00:08

Bridge Belly Flop

by bizhat
2403 views, 6539 days ago

Two guys run and jump off of a bridge, but one clips his leg on the way over and falls awkwardly.

Urban or Rural? 01:01

Urban or Rural?

by bizhat
2709 views, 6539 days ago

Classic clip of a ditzy blonde on The Newlyweds Show that doesn\'t know what urban or rural means.

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One 00:35

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One

by bizhat
3054 views, 6539 days ago

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller hits the ball on the fringe, leading to one of the coolest hole-in-ones ever. awesome shot!

Red Light Miracle 00:14

Red Light Miracle

by bizhat
3360 views, 6539 days ago

Some idiot runs through a red light at high speed and miraculously avoids causing a huge accident.

Dunk and the Assist 00:15

Dunk and the Assist

by bizhat
3080 views, 6539 days ago

Amazing basketball clip in which a player passes himself the ball to assist his own slam dunk.

Distracted by Halle Berry 01:21

Distracted by Halle Berry

by bizhat
4561 views, 6539 days ago

A TV host loses his train of thought while staring at Halle Berry's breasts during the interview.