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Crazy Chick at Pro-Life Rally 00:13

Crazy Chick at Pro-Life Rally

by bizhat
2533 views, 6203 days ago

A girl goes apeshit at a Pro-Life rally.

semi drifting on icy roads 01:00

semi drifting on icy roads

by deshu
1409 views, 5018 days ago

semi drifting on icy roads

American Football 2005 season 02:53

American Football 2005 season

by bizhat
1752 views, 5924 days ago

Highlights from the NFL 2005 season.

Lazy Sunday 02:20

Lazy Sunday

by bizhat
1192 views, 5924 days ago

Lazy Sunday

News anchor swears on live TV 00:51

News anchor swears on live TV

by bizhat
1557 views, 5924 days ago

ESPN news anchor swears on live TV.

Soccer Accident 00:09

Soccer Accident

by bizhat
1800 views, 5924 days ago

UEFA Championship, and the goalie gets hit by a firework.

Boxing knockouts 01:16

Boxing knockouts

by bizhat
1599 views, 5924 days ago

The top 10 boxing knockouts.

Allah c.c. 06:07

Allah c.c.

by kalkale
2036 views, 5888 days ago

Afraid of Pickles 03:57

Afraid of Pickles

by bizhat
4945 views, 6239 days ago

Some people are afraid of flying or heights, this girl just happens to be deathly afraid of pickles!

Wave Interrupts Interview 00:30

Wave Interrupts Interview

by bizhat
3337 views, 6239 days ago

Bruce Willis is being interviewed in Cannes about his upcoming movie when a big wave interrupts.

The Fainting Soldier 00:17

The Fainting Soldier

by bizhat
3278 views, 6239 days ago

A U.S. soldier in Iraq faints in the middle of an award ceremony after a late night of drinking.

Truck Rider Goes Flying 00:09

Truck Rider Goes Flying

by bizhat
2708 views, 6239 days ago

This guy learns the hard way that riding in the back of a truck is not nearly as safe as the cab.

America United 00:55

America United

by bizhat
6961 views, 6239 days ago

Funny skit from Dave Chappelle's Show featuring a lot of different stereotypes on a single airplane.

Tyson Post Fight Interview 01:21

Tyson Post Fight Interview

by bizhat
2857 views, 6239 days ago

Classic clip of Mike Tyson revealing how truly insane he is with his comments after the fight.

Whatever It Is 00:57

Whatever It Is

by bizhat
2784 views, 6239 days ago

Anyone who has made a late night purchase on eBay will appreciate this spoof of their ad campaign.

Bus Does a Wheelie 00:35

Bus Does a Wheelie

by bizhat
2488 views, 6239 days ago

Okay, so the yellow school bus doesn't actually win the race, but it does get up and do a wheelie.

Male Intuition Prank 03:52

Male Intuition Prank

by bizhat
3525 views, 6231 days ago

Guys are setup in a fake test group and the roles of the women in their lives comes into question.

Dunk and the Assist 00:15

Dunk and the Assist

by bizhat
2963 views, 6239 days ago

Amazing basketball clip in which a player passes himself the ball to assist his own slam dunk.

Red Light Miracle 00:14

Red Light Miracle

by bizhat
3239 views, 6239 days ago

Some idiot runs through a red light at high speed and miraculously avoids causing a huge accident.

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One 00:35

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One

by bizhat
2942 views, 6239 days ago

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller hits the ball on the fringe, leading to one of the coolest hole-in-ones ever. awesome shot!

Urban or Rural? 01:01

Urban or Rural?

by bizhat
2597 views, 6239 days ago

Classic clip of a ditzy blonde on The Newlyweds Show that doesn\'t know what urban or rural means.