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Napster Girl 01:08

Napster Girl

by bizhat
4236 views, 5989 days ago

Napster presents a new twist on the good ol\' fashioned striptease.

Hotels.com Ad Placement owned lol 00:20

Hotels.com Ad Placement owned lol

by bizhat
4756 views, 5991 days ago

A commercial for Hotels.com runs seconds before a negative news story about the company\'s practices.



by bizhat
6294 views, 5953 days ago

An incredible video of a guy doing a backflip on an ATV over a moving train!

Allah c.c. 06:07

Allah c.c.

by kalkale
1971 views, 5648 days ago

Angry Hotel Maid 00:25

Angry Hotel Maid

by bizhat
3984 views, 5999 days ago

If you don\'t normally tip the maid when staying at hotels, this commercial might change your mind.

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
3562 views, 5993 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

park 00:11


by park
2964 views, 5755 days ago


UFO 06:11


by bizhat
1241 views, 5685 days ago

trailer of UFO ET



by bizhat
2027 views, 5685 days ago

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by bizhat
1324 views, 5685 days ago

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Torquay girls 00:56

Torquay girls

by bizhat
2555 views, 5684 days ago


American Football 2005 season 02:53

American Football 2005 season

by bizhat
1699 views, 5684 days ago

Highlights from the NFL 2005 season.

Soccer Accident 00:09

Soccer Accident

by bizhat
1746 views, 5684 days ago

UEFA Championship, and the goalie gets hit by a firework.

Wanted for Murder 02:07

Wanted for Murder

by bizhat
3078 views, 5999 days ago

A reporter is talking about a murder when the prime suspect casually walks up and says hello.

Wave Interrupts Interview 00:30

Wave Interrupts Interview

by bizhat
3285 views, 5999 days ago

Bruce Willis is being interviewed in Cannes about his upcoming movie when a big wave interrupts.

The Fainting Soldier 00:17

The Fainting Soldier

by bizhat
3224 views, 5999 days ago

A U.S. soldier in Iraq faints in the middle of an award ceremony after a late night of drinking.

Truck Rider Goes Flying 00:09

Truck Rider Goes Flying

by bizhat
2652 views, 5999 days ago

This guy learns the hard way that riding in the back of a truck is not nearly as safe as the cab.

America United 00:55

America United

by bizhat
6901 views, 5999 days ago

Funny skit from Dave Chappelle's Show featuring a lot of different stereotypes on a single airplane.

Afraid of Pickles 03:57

Afraid of Pickles

by bizhat
4864 views, 5999 days ago

Some people are afraid of flying or heights, this girl just happens to be deathly afraid of pickles!

Tyson Post Fight Interview 01:21

Tyson Post Fight Interview

by bizhat
2792 views, 5999 days ago

Classic clip of Mike Tyson revealing how truly insane he is with his comments after the fight.

Whatever It Is 00:57

Whatever It Is

by bizhat
2728 views, 5999 days ago

Anyone who has made a late night purchase on eBay will appreciate this spoof of their ad campaign.