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Big Fun Comedy Show malayalam - biju 09:03

Big Fun Comedy Show malayalam - biju

by sibichan
2790 views, 5280 days ago

Big Fun Comedy Show malayalam - biju

Truck Rider Goes Flying 00:09

Truck Rider Goes Flying

by bizhat
2785 views, 6446 days ago

This guy learns the hard way that riding in the back of a truck is not nearly as safe as the cab.

Man of the Year 02:29

Man of the Year

by bizhat
2774 views, 6400 days ago

Man of the Year

Human Golf Tee 00:18

Human Golf Tee

by bizhat
2766 views, 6446 days ago

A few too many beers at the 19th hole and this guy is driving golf balls from his buddy\'s mouth.

Avery Johnson Cup Check 00:15

Avery Johnson Cup Check

by bizhat
2750 views, 6446 days ago

Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson motions for one of his players and hits him where it counts.

The Best of Bushisms 01:03

The Best of Bushisms

by bizhat
2714 views, 6409 days ago

The Best of Bushisms

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
2692 views, 6436 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

Urban or Rural? 01:01

Urban or Rural?

by bizhat
2673 views, 6446 days ago

Classic clip of a ditzy blonde on The Newlyweds Show that doesn\'t know what urban or rural means.

Ogag's Show 15:45

Ogag's Show

by markevanvic
2667 views, 5295 days ago

Ogag's Show

White & Nerdy 02:51

White & Nerdy

by bizhat
2633 views, 6404 days ago

Weird Al\'s spoof of Chamillionaire is probably his most inspired effort yet.

Rebecca Black - Friday (Official Video) Country Version 01:00

Rebecca Black - Friday (Official Video) Country Version

by bizhat
2633 views, 4782 days ago

Clyde Goobler of The Sangin' Cowboys sings along with the newest internet sensation - Friday by Rebecca Black. The original may be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 The San...

Moving Corpse Prank 00:40

Moving Corpse Prank

by bizhat
2628 views, 6438 days ago

A doctor is filming a video for a medical school class and some students scare him half to death.

Misses the Open Net 00:03

Misses the Open Net

by bizhat
2627 views, 6446 days ago

A hockey player gets free for an open break with an empty net and tries to get too fancy with it.

Nancy Grace Gets Punked 00:19

Nancy Grace Gets Punked

by bizhat
2615 views, 6407 days ago

Live on TV: Some guy pranks CNN and tells Nancy Grace that he thinks she\'s a \

Crazy Chick at Pro-Life Rally 00:13

Crazy Chick at Pro-Life Rally

by bizhat
2602 views, 6409 days ago

A girl goes apeshit at a Pro-Life rally.

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks! 00:45

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks!

by bizhat
2596 views, 6404 days ago

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott cold cocks a protestor who nails him in the face with a pie.

Air blown upskirt trick 01:02

Air blown upskirt trick

by bizhat
2587 views, 5790 days ago

It's funny how some of these ladies walk around like they are hot shit and BOOM their skirt gets blown up.

Alex Trebek Does a Robot Dance 00:18

Alex Trebek Does a Robot Dance

by bizhat
2578 views, 6407 days ago

Alex Trebek Does a Robot Dance

CNN Anchor Goes to the Bathroom 02:31

CNN Anchor Goes to the Bathroom

by bizhat
2567 views, 6436 days ago

I wonder what couple she was talking about. The wife is going to be pissed! lol

Fire Fart 00:27

Fire Fart

by bizhat
2562 views, 6406 days ago

lights his ass on fire

flaming shot 00:23

flaming shot

by bizhat
2555 views, 6400 days ago

Alcohol is made for drinking. Not setting yourself on fire.