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Amazing Racist 03:07

Amazing Racist

by bizhat
3671 views, 6024 days ago

A group of Mexican day laborers think they\'ve been hired for some hard work in the sun. Clearly, they\'ve never worked for the Amazing Racist.

Dave Chappelle making fun of R. Kellly 02:06

Dave Chappelle making fun of R. Kellly

by bizhat
3671 views, 6019 days ago

Dave Chappelle making fun of R. Kellly

Doctor Slide Tackle 00:05

Doctor Slide Tackle

by bizhat
3658 views, 6051 days ago

A soccer team\'s physician/trainer runs out to assist an injured player and adds to the pain.

Indian Thriller lol 03:38

Indian Thriller lol

by bizhat
3640 views, 6017 days ago

Get your zombie freak on with this Tollywood rendition of Michael Jackson\'s \

Fat dude 00:12

Fat dude

by bizhat
3625 views, 6013 days ago

Fat dude tries to impress babe

German Weather Lady Can\'t Stop Laughing 00:57

German Weather Lady Can\'t Stop Laughing

by bizhat
3606 views, 6024 days ago

Laughing during a weather report appears to be a universal phenomenon.

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
3584 views, 6053 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

Family Guy Drops F-Bomb on TV 00:32

Family Guy Drops F-Bomb on TV

by bizhat
3543 views, 6024 days ago

This uncensored clip from Family Guy was mistakenly broadcast in some parts of Canada and the United States.

A Good comic video found some where on Net 01:03

A Good comic video found some where on Net

by bizhat
3536 views, 6011 days ago

A Good comic video found some where on Net

Male Intuition Prank 03:52

Male Intuition Prank

by bizhat
3490 views, 6051 days ago

Guys are setup in a fake test group and the roles of the women in their lives comes into question.

Reporter Gets Hit On 00:46

Reporter Gets Hit On

by bizhat
3481 views, 6024 days ago

Some clown tries to stick a dollar bill down the blouse of a newswoman while she\'s reporting on the air.

Ashlee Simpson drunk 00:59

Ashlee Simpson drunk

by bizhat
3445 views, 6017 days ago

Ashlee Simpson drunk at McDonald\'s in Toronto.

Worst plane landing ever 00:29

Worst plane landing ever

by bizhat
3405 views, 6013 days ago

Worst landing ever - COMPLETE VERSION

Granny Got A Gun 00:30

Granny Got A Gun

by bizhat
3396 views, 6011 days ago

Granny shoots a machine gun and says some funny stuff

Why Macs Suck 01:08

Why Macs Suck

by bizhat
3363 views, 6013 days ago


Bully Receives Payback 00:47

Bully Receives Payback

by bizhat
3360 views, 6059 days ago

A bully picks on some kids and even kicks one in the head, then gets a taste of his own medicine.

Pervert Golf Instructor 01:55

Pervert Golf Instructor

by bizhat
3357 views, 6059 days ago

Prank with a golf instructor and a few female pupils getting a little frisky during the lesson.

Einstein the Bird 03:02

Einstein the Bird

by bizhat
3347 views, 6051 days ago

An amazing bird on Animal Planet who can make all kinds of neat noises and respond to commands.

Dave Chappelle - Byaahh!! 02:56

Dave Chappelle - Byaahh!!

by bizhat
3339 views, 6019 days ago

Dave Chappelle - Byaahh!!

Titanic Two The Surface 04:29

Titanic Two The Surface

by bizhat
3301 views, 6059 days ago

Funny mash-up video using clips from various movies to make a trailer for a Titanic sequel.

Wave Interrupts Interview 00:30

Wave Interrupts Interview

by bizhat
3297 views, 6059 days ago

Bruce Willis is being interviewed in Cannes about his upcoming movie when a big wave interrupts.