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Fat dude 00:12

Fat dude

by bizhat
3711 views, 6345 days ago

Fat dude tries to impress babe

flaming shot 00:23

flaming shot

by bizhat
2538 views, 6345 days ago

Alcohol is made for drinking. Not setting yourself on fire.

Hot chic caught cheating 00:16

Hot chic caught cheating

by bizhat
7033 views, 6343 days ago

shes fine

A Good comic video found some where on Net 01:03

A Good comic video found some where on Net

by bizhat
3692 views, 6343 days ago

A Good comic video found some where on Net

Granny Got A Gun 00:30

Granny Got A Gun

by bizhat
3499 views, 6343 days ago

Granny shoots a machine gun and says some funny stuff

Freeze in Place Prank 01:40

Freeze in Place Prank

by bizhat
2490 views, 6337 days ago

funny prank

Chinese Takeout 03:10

Chinese Takeout

by bizhat
2061 views, 6337 days ago

I always suspected that the guy at the chinese restaurant understood more than he acted like he did.

KLM: Fly for Fortune 00:45

KLM: Fly for Fortune

by bizhat
4900 views, 6291 days ago

A new and exciting flying game by KLM. Your chance to win free KLM tickets or even a Round-the-World ticket.

advertisement 00:30


by sibichan
2244 views, 6191 days ago


Pimp 02:44


by Penguin
951 views, 6131 days ago


more test 02:45

more test

by sarkozy
1431 views, 6126 days ago


test 03:53


by LukeBeale
988 views, 6118 days ago


love 01:46


by ramhot
1354 views, 6118 days ago

love you

purepwnage 00:20


by demo
1315 views, 6114 days ago


mastibowl.com 00:01


by smiler_reddy
9949 views, 6103 days ago

hot sexy

ssss 00:16


by jreffoios
880 views, 6100 days ago


Nona hrce 00:15

Nona hrce

by mattri
900 views, 6099 days ago

Nona hrce

Pepsi vs Coke 00:56

Pepsi vs Coke

by Sorin
1431 views, 6090 days ago

Why choose one and not the other...

Cup Holder 00:26

Cup Holder

by spyke
1297 views, 6059 days ago

Cup Holder

Rat Crap 01:05

Rat Crap

by bizhat
2108 views, 6056 days ago

This huge rat is trained to use the toilet. Now thats a big freaking rat

Indian Electronic Shop 03:59

Indian Electronic Shop

by bizhat
1564 views, 6054 days ago

Indian Electronic Shop