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Cop Catches Mower Thief 00:54

Cop Catches Mower Thief

by bizhat
4045 views, 6537 days ago

A driver gets pulled over by a cop and when they inspect the trunk the cop sees something familiar

Avery Johnson Cup Check 00:15

Avery Johnson Cup Check

by bizhat
2786 views, 6537 days ago

Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson motions for one of his players and hits him where it counts.

Human Golf Tee 00:18

Human Golf Tee

by bizhat
2795 views, 6537 days ago

A few too many beers at the 19th hole and this guy is driving golf balls from his buddy\'s mouth.

Sprite Beach Trick 00:44

Sprite Beach Trick

by bizhat
3342 views, 6537 days ago

A creepy guy keeps following a beautiful woman at the beach, so she plays a trick on him to escape.

Misses the Open Net 00:03

Misses the Open Net

by bizhat
2667 views, 6537 days ago

A hockey player gets free for an open break with an empty net and tries to get too fancy with it.

Rapping Traffic Girl 00:40

Rapping Traffic Girl

by bizhat
3131 views, 6537 days ago

The morning news traffic girl decides to mix it up with a rap song version of the traffic report.

Bridge Belly Flop 00:08

Bridge Belly Flop

by bizhat
2403 views, 6537 days ago

Two guys run and jump off of a bridge, but one clips his leg on the way over and falls awkwardly.

A True Workaholic 00:33

A True Workaholic

by bizhat
2111 views, 6537 days ago

When your significant other does this, they\'re definitely spending too much time on the computer.

Bikini Spy 00:26

Bikini Spy

by bizhat
3963 views, 6537 days ago

A man devises a great scheme for spying on his beautiful neighbor as she relaxes in her bikini.

Cheap Soccer Goal 00:11

Cheap Soccer Goal

by bizhat
3006 views, 6537 days ago

A player pretends to be injured, creating a distraction as one of his teammates scores.

Blind Not Gay 00:14

Blind Not Gay

by bizhat
2985 views, 6537 days ago

Funny clip from a nightly newscast in which the anchor woman makes a strange word substitution.

Titanic Two The Surface 04:29

Titanic Two The Surface

by bizhat
3457 views, 6537 days ago

Funny mash-up video using clips from various movies to make a trailer for a Titanic sequel.

J-LO News slip 00:28

J-LO News slip

by bizhat
9645 views, 6537 days ago

What do these reporters be thinking? Fox News anchor makes a Freudian slip when talking about Jennifer Lopez.

Confused Confessions 01:35

Confused Confessions

by bizhat
2391 views, 6529 days ago

A man decides to come clean about his affair, but he has the different parts of his life mixed up.

Doctor Slide Tackle 00:05

Doctor Slide Tackle

by bizhat
3832 views, 6529 days ago

A soccer team\'s physician/trainer runs out to assist an injured player and adds to the pain.

Moving Corpse Prank 00:40

Moving Corpse Prank

by bizhat
2669 views, 6529 days ago

A doctor is filming a video for a medical school class and some students scare him half to death.

Best DUI ever 01:54

Best DUI ever

by bizhat
3220 views, 6527 days ago

Best DUI ever

Shaq Vs. Reporter 00:10

Shaq Vs. Reporter

by bizhat
2366 views, 6527 days ago

wasnt expecting him to say that lol

Footage Moon Walk Classified 00:32

Footage Moon Walk Classified

by bizhat
2725 views, 6527 days ago

Footage Moon Walk Classified

Darth Vader being a jack ass 00:44

Darth Vader being a jack ass

by bizhat
3392 views, 6527 days ago

A funny clip where Darth Vader acts like a real jack ass! Funny Star Wars spoof :)

CNN Anchor Goes to the Bathroom 02:31

CNN Anchor Goes to the Bathroom

by bizhat
2610 views, 6527 days ago

I wonder what couple she was talking about. The wife is going to be pissed! lol