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Indian Thriller lol 03:38

Indian Thriller lol

by bizhat
3755 views, 6406 days ago

Get your zombie freak on with this Tollywood rendition of Michael Jackson\'s \

Ashlee Simpson drunk 00:59

Ashlee Simpson drunk

by bizhat
3553 views, 6406 days ago

Ashlee Simpson drunk at McDonald\'s in Toronto.

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks! 00:45

Deputy Prime Minister Attacks!

by bizhat
2597 views, 6406 days ago

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott cold cocks a protestor who nails him in the face with a pie.

Nicole Richie Nipple Slip 00:04

Nicole Richie Nipple Slip

by bizhat
4931 views, 6406 days ago

Nicole Richie is felled by the \

Bill Clinton Dance 00:24

Bill Clinton Dance

by marie151071
1696 views, 5977 days ago

Bill Clinton Dance

Funny commercial from the Netherlands 01:10

Funny commercial from the Netherlands

by bizhat
2993 views, 6402 days ago


Man of the Year 02:29

Man of the Year

by bizhat
2775 views, 6402 days ago

Man of the Year

The David Zucker Albright Ad 01:32

The David Zucker Albright Ad

by bizhat
2164 views, 6402 days ago

The David Zucker Albright Ad

Worst plane landing ever 00:29

Worst plane landing ever

by bizhat
3539 views, 6402 days ago

Worst landing ever - COMPLETE VERSION

Got Scared? 00:52

Got Scared?

by bizhat
2812 views, 6402 days ago


Student goes crazy in class 01:11

Student goes crazy in class

by bizhat
3001 views, 6402 days ago


Escalator Slide 00:14

Escalator Slide

by bizhat
2074 views, 6402 days ago

This crazy dude flies down an escalator!

Fat dude 00:12

Fat dude

by bizhat
3730 views, 6402 days ago

Fat dude tries to impress babe

flaming shot 00:23

flaming shot

by bizhat
2555 views, 6402 days ago

Alcohol is made for drinking. Not setting yourself on fire.

Hot chic caught cheating 00:16

Hot chic caught cheating

by bizhat
7062 views, 6400 days ago

shes fine

A Good comic video found some where on Net 01:03

A Good comic video found some where on Net

by bizhat
3733 views, 6400 days ago

A Good comic video found some where on Net

One Night Stand 00:45

One Night Stand

by bizhat
4015 views, 6400 days ago

One Night Stand Goes Wrong

Granny Got A Gun 00:30

Granny Got A Gun

by bizhat
3526 views, 6400 days ago

Granny shoots a machine gun and says some funny stuff

Freeze in Place Prank 01:40

Freeze in Place Prank

by bizhat
2512 views, 6394 days ago

funny prank

Chinese Takeout 03:10

Chinese Takeout

by bizhat
2078 views, 6394 days ago

I always suspected that the guy at the chinese restaurant understood more than he acted like he did.

advertisement 00:30


by sibichan
2264 views, 6249 days ago