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Failed Quad Backflip 00:21

Failed Quad Backflip

by bizhat
1086 views, 5814 days ago

Should have gone faster and held on. (Wow, I'm an expert)

 Skater On Fire 00:50

Skater On Fire

by bizhat
1652 views, 5814 days ago

I honestly thought he was a goner when I saw how huge the flames were. What is it with these kids that try stunts with fire, they never seem to have enough water around. I'd want about 4 guys w...

 Funny Skirt Pranks 05:04

Funny Skirt Pranks

by bizhat
1470 views, 5814 days ago

A clown blows up the skirts of various hotties plus a few other pranks.

Funky Cats 2 01:22

Funky Cats 2

by bizhat
1050 views, 5814 days ago

Another funny clip like the previous Funky Cats clip.

$5 Choke Slam 00:46

$5 Choke Slam

by bizhat
1098 views, 5814 days ago

Kid agrees to be choke slammed for $5.

Trained Pig 02:48

Trained Pig

by bizhat
1325 views, 5814 days ago

Cute little piggy does some tricks."Cute" says me, sat eating a bacon sandwich doing updates.

The Miracle Channel 01:30

The Miracle Channel

by bizhat
1035 views, 5814 days ago

Who believes this rubbish?! The program where miracles happen. Erh yeah whatever...

Train Surfer 03:49

Train Surfer

by bizhat
1516 views, 5814 days ago

This mad man loves to catch free rides on the trains. He even surfed Germany's fastest Highspeed train ICE with a top speed of nearly 250mph!

 Funny Halloween Prank 00:50

Funny Halloween Prank

by bizhat
1340 views, 5814 days ago

Grim Reaper scares the crap out of this guy.

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths 03:41

News Report On A Group Of Sick Twisted Youths

by bizhat
1797 views, 5814 days ago

This is such a sad video. A sickening story of a young girl who was mistreated by a bunch of youths and they recorded the whole thing on camera revealing their own faces. They even sold the DVD tha...

What will you be for halloween 00:39

What will you be for halloween

by bizhat
796 views, 5814 days ago

Jimmy Kimmel Show: What will you be for halloween

 Ugly Dogs 04:11

Ugly Dogs

by bizhat
887 views, 5814 days ago

Compilation of Ugly Dogs

Down Hill In A Dell 00:08

Down Hill In A Dell

by bizhat
776 views, 5814 days ago

I guarantee when this dude got in the box he had no idea how fast he would end up going down the hill

Ring Knock Out 00:20

Ring Knock Out

by bizhat
1421 views, 5814 days ago

There was no standing up after that square punch. He even took out the judges with that one.

Clapping Flaps 00:33

Clapping Flaps

by bizhat
1415 views, 5813 days ago

Such a weird and funny commercial for tampons.

Fat Kid Falls Head First Off A Van 00:37

Fat Kid Falls Head First Off A Van

by bizhat
1424 views, 5813 days ago

He slips and hits the ground hard, landing on his shoulder.

What Kind of Helicopter Is That 00:15

What Kind of Helicopter Is That

by bizhat
1064 views, 5813 days ago

Listen to what this reporter calls a helicopter that is surveying the scene of a crash.

Near Miss 00:20

Near Miss

by bizhat
1103 views, 5813 days ago

Some idiot loses control of his car and almost flattens a few bystanders.I'd change your underwear if I was you.

Postal 02:46


by bizhat
673 views, 5813 days ago

A postal worker selling stolen cheques goes nuts when things start going wrong. He did a good job of staying cool whilst having the gun pointed at him.

Kristina Kireeva - Hot Contortionist 03:41

Kristina Kireeva - Hot Contortionist

by bizhat
1820 views, 5813 days ago

Don't ya wish your girlfriend was bendy like me!

Body Board Ramp 00:11

Body Board Ramp

by bizhat
1164 views, 5813 days ago

This looks like so much fun.