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Strange Talking Bird 03:26

Strange Talking Bird

by bizhat
1109 views, 5819 days ago

This bird speaks as if it is possessed.

snake kiss 00:30

snake kiss

by sibichan
1098 views, 5679 days ago

snake kiss

kkkkkkk 01:00


by mukeshsnp
1096 views, 5706 days ago


good deal 01:00

good deal

by missangelmist
1081 views, 5000 days ago

Hmmm out smart the devil

test2 02:22


by frenchdoctor
1071 views, 5228 days ago


Seegull prank 00:49

Seegull prank

by nobodynowhere
1070 views, 4176 days ago

Seegulls on laxatives

drive by farting 00:12

drive by farting

by sibichan
1068 views, 5679 days ago

drive by farting

test 00:16


by metasoft
1041 views, 4885 days ago


La raie du poissonnier 01:21

La raie du poissonnier

by nobodynowhere
1041 views, 4099 days ago

La fameuse raie du poissonnier

March Madness 00:38

March Madness

by bizhat
1040 views, 5818 days ago

Incredible last second shot

Drunk & Listening to Starship 00:19

Drunk & Listening to Starship

by bizhat
1037 views, 5821 days ago

Can't wait until he runs for President

Lemonade Stand Prank 01:14

Lemonade Stand Prank

by bizhat
1024 views, 5822 days ago

Maybe its lemonade,Maybe its lemonade, maybe not

Islamabad 00:15


by Ghazanfar
1024 views, 4196 days ago

Hi Howz u

My Demo 00:11

My Demo

by mwk_khan3
1008 views, 5113 days ago


test 03:53


by LukeBeale
1005 views, 6175 days ago


2222222222 02:01


by jiemi123321
992 views, 5090 days ago


Prom Date Punked 03:09

Prom Date Punked

by bizhat
985 views, 5821 days ago

Double cross prom date punk.

ION DRUM with DTXmania 05:32

ION DRUM with DTXmania

by leakmilkhkg
978 views, 4448 days ago


Habanero Sauce In His Eye 04:43

Habanero Sauce In His Eye

by bizhat
968 views, 5821 days ago

The price of stupidity is $8.00 Watch this!

A New Hatebreed Fan 01:00

A New Hatebreed Fan

by bizhat
962 views, 5820 days ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got metal in his veins..

Kid Blows Up His Microwave 00:31

Kid Blows Up His Microwave

by bizhat
941 views, 5822 days ago

Great way to destroy your microwave!