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drive by farting 00:12

drive by farting

by sibichan
1098 views, 5768 days ago

drive by farting

arranged marriage remote control 01:10

arranged marriage remote control

by sibichan
1323 views, 5768 days ago

arranged marriage remote control

funny cow 01:00

funny cow

by sibichan
1154 views, 5769 days ago

funny cow

kkkkkkk 01:00


by mukeshsnp
1123 views, 5796 days ago


Cruel mammotty 02:16

Cruel mammotty

by sanils
1261 views, 5850 days ago

cruel mammotty

Dead Snakes With Chickens 01:53

Dead Snakes With Chickens

by hotrod13
868 views, 5882 days ago

A video of chickens picking at a dead snake

Bruce Lee is the baddes man that ever lived 00:39

Bruce Lee is the baddes man that ever lived

by bizhat
1155 views, 5889 days ago

title says it all

March Madness 00:38

March Madness

by bizhat
1067 views, 5908 days ago

Incredible last second shot

Screaming Kids 00:28

Screaming Kids

by bizhat
1564 views, 5908 days ago

Kids scream as they are toppled over

Making Out 00:19

Making Out

by bizhat
1355 views, 5908 days ago

Making out against a car.

Homer and Marge Doing It 00:38

Homer and Marge Doing It

by bizhat
1439 views, 5909 days ago

Sounds very real!

Body Board Ramp 00:11

Body Board Ramp

by bizhat
1193 views, 5909 days ago

This looks like so much fun.

Strange Talking Bird 03:26

Strange Talking Bird

by bizhat
1142 views, 5909 days ago

This bird speaks as if it is possessed.

Extreme Ironing 01:12

Extreme Ironing

by bizhat
1855 views, 5909 days ago

The latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.

A New Hatebreed Fan 01:00

A New Hatebreed Fan

by bizhat
987 views, 5910 days ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got metal in his veins..

Testing A New Laser 01:26

Testing A New Laser

by bizhat
1619 views, 5910 days ago

This guy just got a brand new laser and wants to test its strength, How many balloons will he be able to pop?

 Roof Jump Accident 00:26

Roof Jump Accident

by bizhat
1253 views, 5910 days ago

Moron Tries to jump to a pool from a roof, and misses.

Sunday Bloody Sunday 02:59

Sunday Bloody Sunday

by bizhat
909 views, 5911 days ago

El Presidente sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

Prom Date Punked 03:09

Prom Date Punked

by bizhat
1011 views, 5911 days ago

Double cross prom date punk.

Habanero Sauce In His Eye 04:43

Habanero Sauce In His Eye

by bizhat
999 views, 5911 days ago

The price of stupidity is $8.00 Watch this!

Im With Stupid 00:57

Im With Stupid

by bizhat
1213 views, 5911 days ago

This is a great prank!