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test2 02:22


by frenchdoctor
941 views, 4661 days ago


test 00:06


by break
665 views, 5473 days ago


April 01:24


by hexbabu1
752 views, 5448 days ago


el miron 01:06

el miron

by jee92
758 views, 5430 days ago

el miron

Test 00:15


by bcmoney
1101 views, 5416 days ago

This is just a test... Please stand by!

Testando video 01:20

Testando video

by testando
1062 views, 5412 days ago

Este é o meu teste

Le test de Vincent 01:04

Le test de Vincent

by volivier
686 views, 5370 days ago

une vidéo pour tester le service sShare

未来への咆哮 JAMProject 04:43

未来への咆哮 JAMProject

by lunapic
1097 views, 5355 days ago


Funny Prank 00:32

Funny Prank

by bizhat
1068 views, 5255 days ago

Try this on your female roommate

Lemonade Stand Prank 01:14

Lemonade Stand Prank

by bizhat
837 views, 5255 days ago

Maybe its lemonade,Maybe its lemonade, maybe not

Kid Blows Up His Microwave 00:31

Kid Blows Up His Microwave

by bizhat
817 views, 5255 days ago

Great way to destroy your microwave!

Drunk & Listening to Starship 00:19

Drunk & Listening to Starship

by bizhat
920 views, 5254 days ago

Can't wait until he runs for President

Stolen Tires 01:18

Stolen Tires

by bizhat
778 views, 5254 days ago

Great Practical Joke!!

Im With Stupid 00:57

Im With Stupid

by bizhat
1033 views, 5254 days ago

This is a great prank!

Habanero Sauce In His Eye 04:43

Habanero Sauce In His Eye

by bizhat
855 views, 5254 days ago

The price of stupidity is $8.00 Watch this!

Prom Date Punked 03:09

Prom Date Punked

by bizhat
885 views, 5254 days ago

Double cross prom date punk.

Sunday Bloody Sunday 02:59

Sunday Bloody Sunday

by bizhat
778 views, 5254 days ago

El Presidente sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

 Roof Jump Accident 00:26

Roof Jump Accident

by bizhat
1063 views, 5254 days ago

Moron Tries to jump to a pool from a roof, and misses.

Testing A New Laser 01:26

Testing A New Laser

by bizhat
1437 views, 5253 days ago

This guy just got a brand new laser and wants to test its strength, How many balloons will he be able to pop?

A New Hatebreed Fan 01:00

A New Hatebreed Fan

by bizhat
882 views, 5253 days ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got metal in his veins..

Extreme Ironing 01:12

Extreme Ironing

by bizhat
1407 views, 5253 days ago

The latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.