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Clever Sketch Technology 03:26

Clever Sketch Technology

by bizhat
2442 views, 5815 days ago

Invisible pen strokes in the air recorded with Motion Capture become digital 3D-files. Through Rapid Prototyping, the files are materialised into real pie

Banned Mythbusters Episode - Do Girls Fart? 04:59

Banned Mythbusters Episode - Do Girls Fart?

by bizhat
1481 views, 5815 days ago

Mythbusters tackles the question: Do girls fart?

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill 00:14

Mr Pillow Head Vs Treadmill

by bizhat
1203 views, 5815 days ago

As if that was going to protect him.

 Bad Pool Jump 00:24

Bad Pool Jump

by bizhat
1623 views, 5815 days ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you meant to jump into the middle of the pool?

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment 03:01

Diet Coke And Mentos 2nd Experiment

by bizhat
1272 views, 5815 days ago

Do these guys actually work? They always seem to be messing around with Diet Coke and Mentos.

 Funny Halloween Prank 00:50

Funny Halloween Prank

by bizhat
1341 views, 5815 days ago

Grim Reaper scares the crap out of this guy.

Pi Freak 02:44

Pi Freak

by bizhat
1265 views, 5815 days ago

Guy recites 22500 decimal places of pi by memorizing it. There are no patterns to follow, the numbers are so random.

Friday The 13th Crash 01:54

Friday The 13th Crash

by bizhat
1289 views, 5815 days ago

Maybe you shouldnt race when it's Friday the 13th. Thi s video was taken at Desert Thunder Raceway, Midland, Texas

 Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes 02:18

Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes

by bizhat
926 views, 5814 days ago

This must of taken an insane amount of time to set up. Dominoes suck enough to keep steady, but this guy uses 10,000 gold coins to set this up.

 Lightning Strikes Neighbors House 00:26

Lightning Strikes Neighbors House

by bizhat
1569 views, 5814 days ago

Some dude is filming a lightning storm outside his bedroom window when a bolt strikes down about 50 feet from him hitting his neighbors house.

4 Cards Trick 01:15

4 Cards Trick

by bizhat
1109 views, 5814 days ago

Magic tricks always amaze me, this one is really cool

Bikini Chicken Dance 01:10

Bikini Chicken Dance

by bizhat
2034 views, 5814 days ago

Bikini Chicken Dance

Professor Smashes Cell Phone 00:38

Professor Smashes Cell Phone

by bizhat
1240 views, 5814 days ago

What did you learn ?

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live 00:50

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live

by bizhat
965 views, 5814 days ago

Haha... He just F--ked it up!

Never Fall Asleep First 00:34

Never Fall Asleep First

by bizhat
1175 views, 5814 days ago

Some dude falls asleep at a party and his buddies light his arm on fire. I love his reaction once he sits up.

Xbox 360 Commercial 00:58

Xbox 360 Commercial

by bizhat
1609 views, 5814 days ago

This lady in this Xbox 360 commercial is an absolute lunatic.

Rocket To The Balls 00:12

Rocket To The Balls

by bizhat
1760 views, 5814 days ago

How perfect was that!? I've seen some good nut shots in my time and this is definitely up there with some of the best.

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack 02:45

Coca Cola Vending Machine Hack

by bizhat
1324 views, 5814 days ago

Kid shows you how to get 2 or 3 drinks for the price of one.

Coming Through! 00:30

Coming Through!

by bizhat
907 views, 5814 days ago

He just ploughs straight through a crowd of people.

Waterslide Into Lake 00:10

Waterslide Into Lake

by bizhat
1152 views, 5814 days ago

This looks friggin awesome. A bunch of guys create a waterslide with a ramp at the bottom that shoots them into a lake.

Barats and Bereta Insurance 02:53

Barats and Bereta Insurance

by bizhat
1088 views, 5814 days ago

Barats and Bereta Car Insurance phone call.