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Weng Weng Rap 04:54

Weng Weng Rap

by bizhat
1094 views, 4969 days ago

I have no idea what is going on but is didn't matter I still laughed my ass of

7 year old Guitar Hero addict 03:39

7 year old Guitar Hero addict

by bizhat
1070 views, 4969 days ago

This is kid has some skills but he needs to get outside more often because anyone this good probably hasn't seen the light of day in months.

Crazy basketball shots, two in a row! 00:28

Crazy basketball shots, two in a row!

by bizhat
747 views, 4969 days ago

With a shot like that why don't you join the NBA instead of coaching?

Amazing kid guitar player 02:11

Amazing kid guitar player

by bizhat
1323 views, 4969 days ago

We posted a video of some kid play Guitar Hero but this kid is the real deal. He plays the real guitar like a pro.

One Fast Rapper 04:00

One Fast Rapper

by bizhat
746 views, 4975 days ago

Check the verbal skills on this MC as he takes us on a lyrical tour of his world, in hyperspeed.

zfsdf 02:00


by devilrox
967 views, 4987 days ago


Automated Graffiti Sprayer 03:52

Automated Graffiti Sprayer

by bizhat
974 views, 4994 days ago

I want a graffiti machine!!

Crazy Mini 00:54

Crazy Mini

by bizhat
1139 views, 4994 days ago

Mini driver goes wild!

Homer and Marge Doing It 00:38

Homer and Marge Doing It

by bizhat
1179 views, 4995 days ago

Sounds very real!

DDR Superstar 02:08

DDR Superstar

by bizhat
942 views, 4995 days ago

This kid dances in 2 player mode on his own and shows off to the crowd watching him.How much money must he have spent on that machine?

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin 01:37

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin

by bizhat
30249 views, 4996 days ago

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin on the daily show.

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos 03:50

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos

by bizhat
727 views, 4996 days ago

Tom Green adds his own masterpiece to the nation art gallery and makes a few changes with his permanent marker pen.

Microphone Idiot 00:21

Microphone Idiot

by bizhat
1148 views, 4996 days ago

Someone's on the phone for you

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson 02:25

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson

by bizhat
1804 views, 4996 days ago

Borat sings a love song made for Pamela Anderson on Conan Obrien

Danny Tanner was not Gay 02:25

Danny Tanner was not Gay

by bizhat
1464 views, 4996 days ago

Bob Saget sings a song about his Character on Full House, Danny Tanner

Vocal Sound Effects 05:17

Vocal Sound Effects

by bizhat
1230 views, 4996 days ago

Michael Winslow plays a lead guitar solo with his voice. His sound effects and beat boxing are great also.

Family Guy 00:49

Family Guy

by bizhat
1203 views, 4997 days ago

Family Guy Aha Parody

Dude Gets Busted 00:31

Dude Gets Busted

by bizhat
1129 views, 4997 days ago

How come we never see these Bud commercials!

Rap Dancing Granny! 00:44

Rap Dancing Granny!

by bizhat
1070 views, 4997 days ago

Kick it Granny!

It's Singing Hippo Time!! 01:03

It's Singing Hippo Time!!

by bizhat
955 views, 4997 days ago

Random singing Hippo Video

Chappelle Show Mac User 00:42

Chappelle Show Mac User

by bizhat
2709 views, 4998 days ago

MAC skit from Dave Chapelle