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It's All On YouTube Music Video 03:33

It's All On YouTube Music Video

by josh12s
2136 views, 5910 days ago

This is a parody of the song I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. We finally made a music video to the song! Let us know what you think.

Ringtone Fines 01:58

Ringtone Fines

by bizhat
949 views, 5910 days ago

The war on crappy ringtones.

Chappelle Show Mac User 00:42

Chappelle Show Mac User

by bizhat
2973 views, 5909 days ago

MAC skit from Dave Chapelle

It's Singing Hippo Time!! 01:03

It's Singing Hippo Time!!

by bizhat
1275 views, 5909 days ago

Random singing Hippo Video

Rap Dancing Granny! 00:44

Rap Dancing Granny!

by bizhat
1285 views, 5908 days ago

Kick it Granny!

Dude Gets Busted 00:31

Dude Gets Busted

by bizhat
1367 views, 5908 days ago

How come we never see these Bud commercials!

Family Guy 00:49

Family Guy

by bizhat
1438 views, 5908 days ago

Family Guy Aha Parody

Vocal Sound Effects 05:17

Vocal Sound Effects

by bizhat
1499 views, 5908 days ago

Michael Winslow plays a lead guitar solo with his voice. His sound effects and beat boxing are great also.

Danny Tanner was not Gay 02:25

Danny Tanner was not Gay

by bizhat
1757 views, 5908 days ago

Bob Saget sings a song about his Character on Full House, Danny Tanner

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson 02:25

Borat Song to Pamela Anderson

by bizhat
2068 views, 5908 days ago

Borat sings a love song made for Pamela Anderson on Conan Obrien

Microphone Idiot 00:21

Microphone Idiot

by bizhat
1383 views, 5907 days ago

Someone's on the phone for you

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos 03:50

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos

by bizhat
924 views, 5907 days ago

Tom Green adds his own masterpiece to the nation art gallery and makes a few changes with his permanent marker pen.

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin 01:37

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin

by bizhat
32399 views, 5907 days ago

Norm MacDonald Mocks Steve Irwin on the daily show.

DDR Superstar 02:08

DDR Superstar

by bizhat
1143 views, 5907 days ago

This kid dances in 2 player mode on his own and shows off to the crowd watching him.How much money must he have spent on that machine?

Homer and Marge Doing It 00:38

Homer and Marge Doing It

by bizhat
1439 views, 5906 days ago

Sounds very real!

Crazy Mini 00:54

Crazy Mini

by bizhat
1392 views, 5906 days ago

Mini driver goes wild!

Automated Graffiti Sprayer 03:52

Automated Graffiti Sprayer

by bizhat
1201 views, 5905 days ago

I want a graffiti machine!!

zfsdf 02:00


by devilrox
1146 views, 5899 days ago


One Fast Rapper 04:00

One Fast Rapper

by bizhat
968 views, 5887 days ago

Check the verbal skills on this MC as he takes us on a lyrical tour of his world, in hyperspeed.

Amazing kid guitar player 02:11

Amazing kid guitar player

by bizhat
1554 views, 5881 days ago

We posted a video of some kid play Guitar Hero but this kid is the real deal. He plays the real guitar like a pro.

Crazy basketball shots, two in a row! 00:28

Crazy basketball shots, two in a row!

by bizhat
1014 views, 5881 days ago

With a shot like that why don't you join the NBA instead of coaching?