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Bendy Finger 00:24

Bendy Finger

by bizhat
807 views, 5675 days ago

This makes me cringe

Slow motion water balloon 00:48

Slow motion water balloon

by bizhat
1940 views, 5675 days ago

Highspeed camera captures a water balloon exploding on this guys head.

Robot Chicken Holy Book 01:12

Robot Chicken Holy Book

by bizhat
1377 views, 5675 days ago

Robot Chicken Holy Book Clip

 Dane Cook Impersonator 01:36

Dane Cook Impersonator

by bizhat
744 views, 5675 days ago

Dane Cook Impersonator

Good Samaritan Saves A Female Cop 02:32

Good Samaritan Saves A Female Cop

by bizhat
1826 views, 5675 days ago

How the hell he got the gun I'll never know. It was like, "Excuse me, may I have the gun please". For a moment I thought he was stroking his arm. You've gotta love how the fat woman comes and sits ...

Truly Amazing Blind Kid 03:35

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

by bizhat
1802 views, 5675 days ago

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles.He can whoop ass at video games, rollerblade, and move out of the way of objects before he touches them... awesome!!

Guy Wrecks A Brand New Bike 00:15

Guy Wrecks A Brand New Bike

by bizhat
1289 views, 5675 days ago

He attempts to load it into the back of a truck. It's got to be the slowest crash on Your Daily Media. It's a shame it stops short but you can stil picture what happened next.

Reporter Attempts An Ollie 00:43

Reporter Attempts An Ollie

by bizhat
1472 views, 5675 days ago

Of course she lands flat on her face while on the air.

Unsuccessful Bank Robbery 01:28

Unsuccessful Bank Robbery

by bizhat
1174 views, 5675 days ago

A couple with tickets to Magaluz just happened to be in the bank waiting for their travelers cheques.They choose the wrong day for a robbery.

Microphone Idiot 00:21

Microphone Idiot

by bizhat
1301 views, 5675 days ago

Someone's on the phone for you

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos 03:50

Tom Green: Art Gallery Chaos

by bizhat
860 views, 5675 days ago

Tom Green adds his own masterpiece to the nation art gallery and makes a few changes with his permanent marker pen.

Two Dudes Jump Guy and His Girlfriend 01:20

Two Dudes Jump Guy and His Girlfriend

by bizhat
1074 views, 5674 days ago

A couple goes walking by two troublemakers in a park when suddenly one of them punches the guys girlfriend.The boyfriend ends up whoopin both of their asses.

Jeep Rolls Down Mountain 00:32

Jeep Rolls Down Mountain

by bizhat
1017 views, 5674 days ago

Couple guys do some extreme offroading with their Jeep. They lose traction while going over some rocks and end flipping the Jeep down the moutain.

Its All About The Pentiums 03:35

Its All About The Pentiums

by bizhat
1567 views, 5674 days ago

A lot of people checked out the recent Weird Al Yankovic video White and Nerdy we posted earlier this week. Here is an older one thats pretty good too.

Luke Barats Auto Insurance 02:51

Luke Barats Auto Insurance

by bizhat
1556 views, 5674 days ago

Luke Barats from Barats and Bereta has a problem with his auto insurance.

George Bush Little Richard 00:59

George Bush Little Richard

by bizhat
2458 views, 5674 days ago

The daily show does a great spoof on a Geico commercial with George W and Little Richard.

Top Gear: Ford GT Review 13:05

Top Gear: Ford GT Review

by bizhat
1598 views, 5674 days ago

The 550HP Ford GT featured on Top Gear, driven by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear.

The Ultimate Laptop 00:39

The Ultimate Laptop

by bizhat
1372 views, 5674 days ago

Well, it might be a little less compact than most laptops but the extra features make up for it.

Near Miss 00:20

Near Miss

by bizhat
1060 views, 5674 days ago

Some idiot loses control of his car and almost flattens a few bystanders.I'd change your underwear if I was you.

Three Life Lines On 3rd Question 03:29

Three Life Lines On 3rd Question

by bizhat
1448 views, 5674 days ago

The quality of this recording isnt the greatest. Funny to see a guy waste all three life lines on a $300 question only to go against everyone who helped him and fail.

White House HipHop 00:41

White House HipHop

by bizhat
964 views, 5674 days ago

I love the part when Condoleezza Rice Jumps in.