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My Video Title 00:07

My Video Title

by getmenow
16683 views, 6004 days ago

My Video Title

Napoleon McCallum Knee Injury 00:51

Napoleon McCallum Knee Injury

by bizhat
16100 views, 5907 days ago

This is without a doubt the worst football knee injury I have ever seen. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Best penalty ever! 00:04

Best penalty ever!

by bizhat
11001 views, 6490 days ago

Best penalty ever!

kjlygk gyjk 03:08

kjlygk gyjk

by vbbgold
8230 views, 6030 days ago


vdoo 00:31


by glob34
7164 views, 6046 days ago


midgets thai boxing 00:43

midgets thai boxing

by bizhat
6811 views, 6488 days ago

midgets thai boxing



by bizhat
6522 views, 6490 days ago

An incredible video of a guy doing a backflip on an ATV over a moving train!

Flexing my muscles 04:20

Flexing my muscles

by Titania
5852 views, 6158 days ago

This is a test video from my webcam

Arthunkal Church 2 00:45

Arthunkal Church 2

by bizhat
4930 views, 6032 days ago

Arthunkal Church 2

Innertuber Wipes Out 00:49

Innertuber Wipes Out

by bizhat
4500 views, 6535 days ago

A man gets towed behind a speed boat on a large innertube and eventually goes flying in the air.

wwwooo 00:59


by jovi
4339 views, 5914 days ago


Kick boxing Accident 00:09

Kick boxing Accident

by bizhat
4177 views, 6496 days ago

dude leg snaps ouch!

test 02:27


by stunt
3977 views, 6190 days ago


Doctor Slide Tackle 00:05

Doctor Slide Tackle

by bizhat
3832 views, 6528 days ago

A soccer team\'s physician/trainer runs out to assist an injured player and adds to the pain.

friv juegos2 fri juegos2 02:32

friv juegos2 fri juegos2

by vanthanh8x8
3688 views, 4601 days ago

play friv juegos 2 from frivjuegos2.net

Pervert Golf Instructor 01:55

Pervert Golf Instructor

by bizhat
3518 views, 6535 days ago

Prank with a golf instructor and a few female pupils getting a little frisky during the lesson.

Tug toner 01:12

Tug toner

by nobodynowhere
3416 views, 4641 days ago

The tug toner : presentation

Testing 00:07


by bizhat
3260 views, 4066 days ago


title2 second video 05:53

title2 second video

by tester
3132 views, 2696 days ago

test2 - sample

Dunk and the Assist 00:15

Dunk and the Assist

by bizhat
3080 views, 6535 days ago

Amazing basketball clip in which a player passes himself the ball to assist his own slam dunk.

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One 00:35

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One

by bizhat
3053 views, 6535 days ago

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller hits the ball on the fringe, leading to one of the coolest hole-in-ones ever. awesome shot!