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 Dane Cook Impersonator 01:36

Dane Cook Impersonator

by bizhat
624 views, 4995 days ago

Dane Cook Impersonator

Good Samaritan Saves A Female Cop 02:32

Good Samaritan Saves A Female Cop

by bizhat
1661 views, 4995 days ago

How the hell he got the gun I'll never know. It was like, "Excuse me, may I have the gun please". For a moment I thought he was stroking his arm. You've gotta love how the fat woman comes and sits ...

Poker Playing Dog 01:23

Poker Playing Dog

by bizhat
979 views, 4995 days ago

This little terrier wins a game of poker.

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick 00:12

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

by bizhat
1848 views, 4995 days ago

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he actually kicks the ball from behind his right leg.

Friday The 13th Crash 01:54

Friday The 13th Crash

by bizhat
1112 views, 4994 days ago

Maybe you shouldnt race when it's Friday the 13th. Thi s video was taken at Desert Thunder Raceway, Midland, Texas

Truly Amazing Blind Kid 03:35

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

by bizhat
1608 views, 4994 days ago

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles.He can whoop ass at video games, rollerblade, and move out of the way of objects before he touches them... awesome!!

Flying Hydro Boat 05:38

Flying Hydro Boat

by bizhat
1287 views, 4994 days ago

Look in the sky, its a boat, no its a plane. No its super hydro plane!This thing is freakin sweet and I want one.

Down Hill In A Dell 00:08

Down Hill In A Dell

by bizhat
630 views, 4994 days ago

I guarantee when this dude got in the box he had no idea how fast he would end up going down the hill

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics 02:18

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

by bizhat
1104 views, 4994 days ago

Amazing Trampoline Acrobatics

Kid Picks Fight Then Gets One Punched 00:33

Kid Picks Fight Then Gets One Punched

by bizhat
950 views, 4994 days ago

During a basketball game some kid picks a fight with another player. The other guy doesnt want to fight but eventually gives in then one shots him breaking his nose.

A New Hatebreed Fan 01:00

A New Hatebreed Fan

by bizhat
843 views, 4994 days ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got metal in his veins..

Knight Rider Out Takes 00:44

Knight Rider Out Takes

by bizhat
1037 views, 4994 days ago

Knight Rider Out Takes

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live 00:50

Baseball Commentator Drops The F Bomb Live

by bizhat
749 views, 4994 days ago

Haha... He just F--ked it up!

Mirko Cro Cop Highlights 04:00

Mirko Cro Cop Highlights

by bizhat
1406 views, 4994 days ago

Another evil fighter you just wouldn't want to mess with.

Clapping Flaps 00:33

Clapping Flaps

by bizhat
1233 views, 4994 days ago

Such a weird and funny commercial for tampons.

Never Fall Asleep First 00:34

Never Fall Asleep First

by bizhat
929 views, 4994 days ago

Some dude falls asleep at a party and his buddies light his arm on fire. I love his reaction once he sits up.

Fat Kid Van Dive 00:37

Fat Kid Van Dive

by bizhat
790 views, 4994 days ago

This has two elements that make up a classic viral video: A fat kid, and someone falling.Unfortunately the sound sucks otherwise this would be classic!

Xbox 360 Commercial 00:58

Xbox 360 Commercial

by bizhat
1383 views, 4994 days ago

This lady in this Xbox 360 commercial is an absolute lunatic.

Failed Fence Jumping 00:29

Failed Fence Jumping

by bizhat
633 views, 4994 days ago

Doh ! Had to ticklet a little bit.

Luke Barats Auto Insurance 02:51

Luke Barats Auto Insurance

by bizhat
1399 views, 4994 days ago

Luke Barats from Barats and Bereta has a problem with his auto insurance.

Compilation of Accidents 02:04

Compilation of Accidents

by bizhat
1105 views, 4994 days ago

This is a cool compilation of about two dozen accidents and crashes.