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From 4 pm onwards on 3 May 2009, 30 caparisoned elephants takes part in Thrissur pooram. Colored parasols were exchanged (displayed) by the two groups in great competitive spirit. Thrissur Pooram is called pooram of all poorams. It attracts huge congregation of people and mre than 50 elephants to the city. Pooram day falls in the mid April to mid May period (Pooram day in the Malayalam month of Medam). The venue of the Pooram is the Vadakkunatha temple's thekkinkadu madian. In 2009, it was on 3 May. By 12 noon there was a pooram of 15 caparisoned elephnats near the temple gate. A grand panchavadyam display of more than 250 artists were performed at around 1500 h in the presence of 15 caparisoned elephants. A sample fireworks display with huge colored umbrellas foretell the grand display of fireworks in the next day early morning 4 am. Kudamattom is the main event of the Pooram day begins at around 4.30 pm. The temple premises will be an ocean of humans. Devotees form two groups of 15 caparisoned elephants each, come with a number of colored parasols. The raising of Alavattom and venchamaram will increase the spirit. The groups display these colored paraols in their turn with competetive spirit. At around 6.30 pmthe event comes to an end and the crowd retreats to home. The next main item is the 4am grand display of fireworks.
Added on Aug 2, 2009 by bizhat1
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  Kudamattom  Thrissur  pooram  caparisoned  elephants 
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