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Criss Angel - Walking on water 02:34
Criss Angel - Walking on water

by bizhat
1271 views, 3136 days ago

Kamikaze blows himself up 00:20
Kamikaze blows himself up

by bizhat
1025 views, 3238 days ago

Glass illusion 01:22
Glass illusion

by bizhat
1007 views, 3245 days ago

Slow motion water balloon 00:48
Slow motion water balloon

by bizhat
1285 views, 3266 days ago

Water Cooled Hard drive 01:17
Water Cooled Hard drive

by bizhat
942 views, 3267 days ago

Bike Path Water Hole Prank 01:27
Bike Path Water Hole Prank

by bizhat
2561 views, 3267 days ago

Worlds Fastest Water Drinker 00:50
Worlds Fastest Water Drinker

by bizhat
846 views, 3268 days ago

Whitewater Kayaking of some of Wales delights 03:15
Cold Outside wow 00:19
Cold Outside wow

by bizhat
3220 views, 3894 days ago